Personal Chef: Chef MB offers personal chef services for individuals and families to accommodate diet restrictions and general health interests. Whether it's low FODMAPs, paleo, keto, candida, cancer, or allergen-specific diets, she has the knowledge and experience to create meals that support your health goals while keeping it interesting. 

Experience the convenience, luxury and self-care of having a skilled chef create customized menus for you and your family and prepare meals for the week based on your preferences and diet.

Private Events: Chef MB loves to get her knives dirty for dinner parties and private events. Reach out to Chef MB to plan your next bash or for private cooking classes.

Don't miss the chance to savor Chef MB's inspired, edgy, and relevant cuisine. Experience the power of food as medicine and indulge in dishes that are as delightful to your taste buds as they are beneficial to your well-being.