The Meal Collective now serves the Hudson Valley and Five Burroughs.

Health & Healing Food

...For people who enjoy eating

Not your great-great-great-great grandma's paleo.

Chef MB of the Meal Collective believes that food should always taste good, ESPECIALLY health and healing foods. Chef MB curate's a weekly menu of restaurant-worthy and nutrient-dense meals and keeps a limited client load to ensure the highest quality of food, attention and service. All raw ingredients are always organic, gluten free, non-processed and consciously sourced. All cooking techniques utilize best health practices (think slow-braise, fermentation, sprouting).

The Meal Collective: How it works

Step One

Reach out to Chef MB and have a chat -or don’t- but be sure to get on her email list so you can stay abreast of the menu. Let Chef MB know of any preferences or allergies and she will try to accommodate.

Check out the Menu

Step Two

Shoot us an email and say you’re in, for how many, and remind us of your address and phone number. The experience is personalized (you will get to know Chef MB well) so don’t worry about getting it right the first time. 
Pricing and order details

Step Three

Relax knowing that fresh, organic, chef-inspired paleo meals will be at your doorstep Monday between 4 and 9pm. We’ll shoot you a text Monday afternoon to let you know your precise delivery time.
Any questions?

About our Food

personal Chef Services

Our weekly meal delivery (or group chef service) is super convenient for those with general food preferences, and those who follow a standard paleo diet. But maybe that does not work for you. 

Maybe you are super picky. 

Or maybe you have a specialized or prescribed diet.

Or maybe you have some food allergies. 

Or maybe you just want Chef MB all to yourself for one day a week. 

Well… we do that too. 

Chef MB's private chef services are great for families, individuals with specific dietary needs, or those who like to drive their own menu.

Personal chef slots are limited. Please reach out for more information.

About chef MB

Chef MB is a Certified Natural Foods Chef specializing in Globally inspired Paleo and Ancestral Diets.  She received her culinary training through the Nutrition Therapy Institute of Denver Colorado.

​Chef MB is a leading Paleo personal chef in NYC. She has been working as a therapeutic chef, providing delicious and healing meals to NYC residents for over eight years. She is accomplished and well-versed in therapeutic diets to include FODMAPs, SCD, Ketogenic, Candida and more.