The Meal Collective


All the perks of a personal chef service (individualized attention, cheffed-up meals, allergy-friendly and family options) but cost-effective and with no commitment. 

Our Food

All Meal Collective dishes are made with organic (when possible) and gluten-free components, sourced optimally from local, wild, and grass-fed suppliers. With a global influence, Meal Collective dishes bring together flavors from around the world, resulting in a truly remarkable culinary experience.

Our meals are: 


GLUTEN & GRAIN-FREE (with occasional grain legume options)

SUGAR-FREE (we sweeten with maple, coconut, honey) 

SOY-FREE (except fermented soy in vegan options)

DAIRY-FREE (except for ghee options)


  • Step One

    Our healthy delicious paleo menu changes every week so you'll never be bored with your meals. 

  • Step Two

    Place your order online by Saturday 6pm. Choose from 3 meal packages, select your entrees and snacks, customize your protein preference and check out. If the meal packages don't fit your family size, shoot Chef MB an email for a custom plan. 

  • Step Three

    Delivery occurs Monday between 5 and 9pm. We will give you a shout -day of- with a more precise delivery time so you know when to set the table.