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Philippino Adobo

Slow braised chicken thigh or tofu | Philippino vinegar curry | roasted squash and cauliflower | toasted coconut, chili oil, fresh herbs | glass noodle and bok choy



Quinoa risotto with natural wine and chicken bone broth | coconut cream and roasted asparagus puree | wild mushroom, shallot, almond feta and fresh herbs | optional seeded chicken breast



Seeds crusted chicken breast or cauliflower steak | roasted pumpkin and charred almond Mexican mole | Roasted brussels with umami and nu yeast


Miso Cacio Pepe

Shirtake noodles with carrot fondu, almond feta and furikake | garlic spinach and miso-glazed salmon 



*Where possible, we source all (local, pasture raised) meats through Williamsburg's Meat Hook, and all (sustainable) seafood through Green Point Fish & Lobster.